French international school in Addis Ababa Lycée-Guebre Mariam celebration of its 70th anniversary with new gymnasium

The development of another exercise room esteemed at 1.2 million euros and a visit from the President of Ethiopia were among the numerous features for Lycée Guebre-Mariam’s (LGM) 70th commemoration festivities, which found some conclusion on February seventh 2020.

The gathering, hung on grounds, mirrored the worldwide Ethio-French school’s longstanding history in Ethiopia with understudies from all year bunches present close by Alumni; one of which didn’t go unnoticed, the President of Ethiopia, Sahle-Work Zewde.

Upon the President’s passage, a parade of understudies, educators, graduated class, media and authorities followed her to the new exercise room in energy, with yells of “Madame la Presidente” being gotten notification from all edges. Once in the new office, national songs of devotion of the two countries were played and what followed were a progression of talks.

Alluding to the progressions the school is going to leave on in his discourse, Jean-Luc Raguz, Headmaster of LGM, talked about the monetary vacillations that the school has encountered in the course of the most recent decade and the future undertakings it intends to set out on.

“We are simply beginning. We are presently seeking after an aspiring project of remodel of the property. The structures will be totally modernized and rearranged inside 3 or 4 years. The normal expense for the full remodel of the structures will ascend to roughly 12 million euros, paid by the Mission Laïque Française (MLF), which is resolved to improve the nature of administration.”

“Our desire is clear: we need to imagine a future for our school that will line up with the significant difficulties of the following decades. I firmly accept that further advancement is required in space the board just as instructive plans and means.”

The recreation center has two enormous corridors and can have up to five classes simultaneously, it has been operational since December second 2019. Extra financing from MLF is expected to assemble a fake structure for climbing practice, said the superintendent. LGM would like to have that begun by the following spring, he included.

Lycée Guebre-Mariam opened on March 1, 1948 by His Imperial Majesty Haile-Selassie in a joint effort with the French Government, through the MLF. It was depicted during the gathering similar to the core of French-Ethiopian relations for a long time.

“We are doing whatever it takes not to freeze our school in its esteemed past; we need to think of an arrangement that will make of this school a main organization that will respect its history and develop a future where understudies will be given the best possibilities. Furthermore, we think this requires to focus on greatness, social assorted variety and comprehensive training,” communicated the Headmaster.

President Sahle-Work finished up the discourse part of the warm gathering with urging words to understudies of LGM, tending to the crowd in both French and Amharic. Being a previous understudy of LGM, she enthusiastically communicated the significance of language and the entryways that the French language has opened for her. She helped current understudies to remember their favorable situation as understudies of the regarded organization and roused them to determinedly satchel their examinations.

Shutting the shade on the happy event was Ethiopian a cappella bunch Merewa Choir, who serenaded the wide crowd with a cappella tunes in English and Amharic.


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