Ethiopian News July 4 2021 Mereja Today Abiy Ahmed

This document tries to give a future study of the relations between Sudan and Ethiopia in the light of an inheritance left by the late Prime Minister Ethiopian Meles Ziniwi.

Although it is difficult to bear the loss of this man, the decision of the Revolutionary Party in Ethiopia has been able to overcome this loss, in particular that many arrangements had been made in the last election to lead to the period of transition.

These arrangements confirmed the non-election of a president for more than two terms of office. The current mandate of Sinai men was the last. According to this, the last Sinai himself had supervised these arrangements stated by the ruling party to ensure a smooth transfer of power, such a transfer of power that would put or confide the reins of the Ethiopian strategy for the development and the fight against Poverty with carefully selected selection. Group of officials who have been distinguished after the declaration of his intention to abdicate the Bureau years ago, as the man was preparing to withdraw before the next election.

Given the fact that Ethiopia, before the accession of the Revolutionary Front in power, was a key player in the region and enjoys a major regional role in the Horn area of ​​Africa in particular and in Africa in general He will continue to play the same role in the future on the merits of geopolitical considerations, his strategic position and the size of his population.

This adds to the basis that Sinai contributed to their foundation, pushing Ethiopia to a position of regional and continental influence.


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