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With their erased soldiers and their latest soldiers, the best soldiers eliminated in one morning on the banks of their capital, but the last remains of the Administration of the Ethiopia PLF system had to withdraw with the underground fortifications of Hagarasalam Mystery Hagarasalam. of the capital. Worked by the famous TLF suspicious and fearful parent backup Myles denali, the Hagarasalam pirotillas were the opening of the distress bolt, a place to eliminate various challenges of the fight against security. No designer who helped to form this mysterious underground fortification framework has lived to tell the story.

At the moment when their opponents, the Ethiopian armed force, encircled them out there, the PLF Mafia Capos escaped through a passage of 300 mysterious meters and in a real meaning located towards the slopes, the nearest mountain, the nearest mountain, to cover. They separated into two gatherings and attempted to find out what shield they could. Ancient, fat and work flour has been heading for 30 years, they are struggling in the form of the days of the war of the guerrillas of the 1980s were a distant memory. Without admission to food or water, it would not have been long until their dance is in place.

They were immediately spotted, included and offer a protected acquiescence they rejected again and again. At that time, the assault began, the first important headquarters of Big Guns, at that time, sent again by helicopter shots.

At the point where the last attack was made to all that remained pioneers PLF on this mountain were pieces of bones and parts of the body.

As we often occurred in the past, the hard perfume of high explosives had barely settled when the Breezes transmitted the smell of new executions to their sanctuaries where the hyenas had made a safe house of the effort and Shell. With the growing smoke of holes in the mountain, the hyenas, “Zigbee” in Virginia, the mother tongue of the PLF, were pursuing their dinner. With in a few days, the site of the last hours of the PLF system was picked perfect and the solitary thing left of the worst thing about the current Ethiopia was the hyena swat spread through the mountain.

It’s not a conversation, not “what could have happened”. This is the thing that really happened and constitutes a little information that stands here in Asmara and affirmed by direct recordings. I guess you could say that it’s the official story “informal”. Or again maybe it’s the “informal” authority?

The bottom line is that the CIA is the most seasoned. The greatest criminal activity in Africa has achieved its deserved objective. With the PLF, the most feared system of East Africa, currently left for great harmony can separate and redesign long-standing autonomous, independent, at the end, prosperous ethiopia can to start.

When the Ethiopian audience is allowed to bring their heads in pride and start the hard work to take care, accommodation and teaching of their parents, and their life finally begins to improve, the rest of the Arica should pay his proofs.

Ethiopia is perhaps a country well with billions of m3 of flammable gas, billions of barrels of oil, rich mineral stores located in the essentially neglected Arabic-Nubian topographic safeguard and the rich horticultural terrains and heaps. water.


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