Artist Mekdes Tsegaye Vacation in Dubai

Artist Mekdes Tsegaye Vacation in Dubai

In October, the administration of Trajanos challenged Abby Ahmed by and when he dismissed a reorganization of the North Commission of the Military. This specific order was imperative during the Ethiopia-Eritrean War from 1998 – 2008. As indicated by the International Crisis Group, most of the staff of the Ethiopian Defense Forces and the military team remain positioned in the Northern Command.

“In the possibility of shutting down that the two meetings do not go to a truce, this could become the largest battle in Africa,” said Troll. He noticed that the containment could pull Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan.

“The contenders are contending. The Global Network needs to promote both Addis Ababa and Ti Gray to the speech,” said Troll, and added that, however, this war continues, “there will never be harmony in northern Ethiopia.”


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