Dr abiy ahmed speech

Hachalu Hundessa was the man numerous credits of Ethiopians with making the soundtrack out of development.

Otherwise, Hailatuu Hundeessaaa, its popular tones that were loaded with political references offered a voice to the minimized OROMO ethnic meeting.

His ongoing disappearance has caused a political framework presenting the ethnic strains of the nation’s nation.

Firemaker and the companions of him, with dark shirts, have been meeting every night until late to tune the music of Ethopian Pop Star Hachalu Hundessa, otherwise, haacaaluu hundeessaa.

The shirts built natively that carry the image of the dead artist and the slogan “I am equally to Hachalu”, are his method for the man whose murder on Monday began the evil that killed at any event 166 individuals and counted on the ethnic strains of Ethiopia stew.


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