Hachalu Hundessa’s wife on seifu show

Meeting with the best half of Fanti Demissie Hables on Seifu on EBS. HAULU HUNDESSA was introduced to the world in Ambo, Ethiopia in Guduato Hora and Hundessa Bonsa. His family is Oromo and he grew up singing in school clubs and keeping in mind that tending cows. By the time Hundessa was 17 years old in 2003, he was captured for brought part of the fighting and sentenced to prison. He has been arrested in Karchale Ambo for a very long time and was then delivered in 2008.

Hundessa formed the air and composed much of the verses of his first collection while he was in prison. His first collection, Sanyii Mootii, was delivered in 2009. In 2013, he visited the United States and delivered his later collection, Waa’e Keenyaa, who was the African music collection # 1 Smash Hit on Amazon. Hundessa’s dissidents are linked with the Oromo public, urge them to oppose abuse. Its melodies were firmly related to opposition against government that began in 2015 and the 2016 Ethiopian fighting.

His number “Maalan Jira” (“what presence is the presence of mine”) concerned the uprooting of Addis Ababa’s oromo individuals. The months after the single were delivered in June 2015, the fighting restricting the Addis Ababa Master Plan took place in the Oromia region. The melody turned into a devotion song for dissidents and had the most popular oromo music records.


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