Joint Council of seventy six political events Rejects Pressure to Delay Construction of GERD

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Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council expressed nowadays its company rejection of any pressure orchestrated to put off the construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

During his press briefing today, Council Chairperson Mussa Adem said the joint council of Ethiopian political events has unanimously decided to come back to the defense of the long-loved task.

The council that is a discussion board of 76 political parties reached the choice after a excessive-level conference held final week with the view to developing a countrywide consensus on GERD, he added.

According to him, the council has pledged to donate 1.185 million Birr.

“The dam has united us and this spirit could be replicated in other regions that promote country wide hobby,” he said.

Differences pertaining to the dam ought to be solved through the three international locations, the chairperson stated, stressing that any political pressure to discourage the construction of the dam is but not suited because the state is striving to alleviate poverty by the use of its natural sources.

The council urged the authorities to finalize the dam in line with the time table and the council will stand by way of the government to face up to all problems.

Egypt has been the use of numerous mechanisms to disclaim Ethiopia’s right to use its herbal assets, Mussa said, adding that the parties will play their utmost degree to look the of entirety of the dam.

The tripartite negotiation that has been achieved among Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt for numerous years ought to be persisted without the involvement of 0.33 birthday party, he similarly mentioned.

Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council, in collaboration with the Office of National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation, held the excessive-stage convention remaining week.

Since the launching of production of the dam, Ethiopians have contributed over 13.Five billion Birr for the hydropower dam whose construction has reached seventy three.7 percentage.

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