Moment of Truth Addisalem Getaneh

Progressing during the 1960s and mid-1970s, when rates extended birth age was the essential social event for children and adolescents with their own purchasing power and, as such, its own feed force (Macunovich 2000). The youth market for items, such as music, style, movies, and cars, was the main problem in making a young adult brain of a culture.

As this social occasion has developed, it has been rethought be energetic, matured respectable, and, gradually, old. People in the age boom is inclined towards the age of not creating the way their grandparents; The result is a wide expanse of things proposals to move away from effects-o-the signs of development. past times of people over 65 were “old”. Baby boomers are in “later life” or “seniors” (Pillars and Higgs 2007).

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