Tplf secret revealed


Abel Birhanu Day a day Updated Ethiopian News on 18 August 2021. Demeke spoke exhaustively at the beginning of the TPLF aggression of the fear based on the Northern Command, including each of the ruinous demonstrations of the gathering of the day. The attacking power is with regard to open intrusions, looting and murder in the areas of AFAR and Amhara stated that Demeke featuring philanthropic, monetary and social violations of the hosting spirit.




In carrying out this burden of wrongdoing and injustices, the Deputy Prime Minister stated that the US government has chosen calm which was unique in the intimate link between the two countries. Demeke also communicated the permanent hypotheses of Ethiopia that the United States appropriately censor the damaging demonstrations of the attacking powers as corresponding to the connection between the two countries.




The world region should emphasize that the gathering has upset the district since its introduction, the Deputy Prime Minister added. The exceptional agent, on his part, stated that the US government impeccably includes the prospects of Ethiopia individuals on the TPLF.




He said to follow, assert and support the influence, harmony and solidarity of Ethiopia are the basics of the American strategy on Ethiopia.

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