Interview with artist Esayas


Artist Haileyesus Feyissa - Yefeker Nikesat - New Music Ethiopia 2021 - Ethiopian Music (Official Video). The Masenqo (also known as Masinko), a single lacked rope. The KRAR (also known as Kirar), a lira of six strings; And the Begena, a large lyre of ten strings are all traditional rope instruments in the highlands.


The musical arches (including a variety of three rare chains) and the Dita (a lira of five chains) are among the accordions found in the south. The Washint is a popular bamboo flute in the highlands. The ceremonial malakat, which is used in some places, and the holdudwa (animal horn, comparing shofar), which is found mainly in the south, are the instruments similar to the trumpet.

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