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The UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL, Belgium) works together in this venture with their Biomedical Laboratory Technology (BLT) concentrate on program. They have seen a developing interest to work with an ePortfolio in STEM instructive expert single guy programs. All through this EEP-project UCLL plans to incorporate an ePortfolio with the presentation of another educational program in the BLT concentrate on program in 2018–2019. 


In Marino Institute of Education (MIE, Ireland), a Higher Education Institute (HEI) with a solitary spotlight on Educational projects, ePortfolios were presented as a pilot in 2011 and generally executed in 2012. Inside the EEP-project they think about the improvement of the skills of correspondence, authority, critical thinking, collaboration and applied information during work position using Mahara ePortfolio programming. 


The School of Education in the Polytechnic Institute of Setubal (ESE-IPS, Portugal) zeroed in on the distinguishing proof and investigation of earlier and current practices created by educators of School of Education, identified with the utilization of ePortfolios and online media with instructive purposes. 


Through University College (VIA, Denmark) center their projects around grown-up understudies from Diploma programs, in the school of proceeding with training, partaking in various modules and who have accessed a Diploma program (comparing to the degree of single man programs) in light of a singular skill evaluation. They investigate the conceivable outcomes of utilizing ePortfolios in their specific situation. 


HAMK (Finland) and KU Leuven (Belgium) center around perceiving/dissecting current educational practices and cases identified with e-portfolios inside the establishments. With the pilots the instructive help units, of both HAMK and KU LEUVEN, need to expound their own skill on the significant utilization of the e-portfolio, and intend to make the essential authoritative and educational help materials to fortify the ability based appraisal utilizing e-portfolios.

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