Selam tesfaye interview


In the best of cases, EPORTHOLIOS not only connects to some of the study modules, but they work as a tool for the entire learning trajectory of students. That is why all teachers in certain bachelor's programs, beyond the study modules, must have common guidelines on how to use and guide EPortfolio. If only one individual teacher requires students to use eportecolios in some of the study modules, it is not sufficient for a successful earship process (Kunnari et al., 2017). The personal pedagogical understanding of teachers creates a basis for good collaboration of teachers. If an individual teacher thinks that the best way to build competencies is to rely on the construction of collaborative knowledge with students, colleagues and representatives of working life, collaboration in earship work can be easier. Successful teamwork requires teachers to renounce individual and fragmented labor orientation, and embrace more holistic and integrated teacher jobs.

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