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Innovative higher education needs innovative tools for evaluation and guidance. EPORTHOLIOS has many benefits that support those who carry them widely with students. The professional development of students can be more transparent and evaluation practices are more attractive. Labor life connections and peer collaboration are essential for students to motivate up to the update of their eportecolios regularly. EPORTHOLIES Not only for school, are for life. Collaboration processes help understand how reflection can be improved and competences can be visualized in a personal and professional manner.


Teachers need support to assume new tools and include EPortfolio work in studies. Even though students have their eportecolios, teachers teams facilitate the process. Teachers need to guide students especially at the beginning of the studies, when ethrifolios are taken in use and the time of reservation for the work of EPortfolio. That creates continuity to the whole process. The ultimate goal is great the feeling of property for students and to be creative.

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