Life Of Abel on Miko Mikee channel explain about his interview with seifu fantahun on Seifu on Ebs s


Abel Mulugeta was a performer who composed melodies and tunes for the two kids and grown-ups. Abel Mulugeta is an artist who has two collections amazingly. He is a multi-capable craftsman who forms his own music and verses, as well as painting. He was brought into the world in Ethiopia in 1982. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has been viewed as having a reviving voice. "Tegereme (Ethiopian Music)," "Yemote Laysema," and "Yeker Beyeshalehu" are a portion of his main tunes.


"Our next project, named 'Ke das wide Class,' will support the recreation of schools that have been obliterated because of the ongoing savagery. It's additionally a part of our social effect project. Our significant goal is to interface Ethiopia to the worldwide economy, but on the other hand we're dealing with these side drives in the in the interim," Kidus made sense of, posting every one of the activities underway for the nation's advantage. The organization has gotten a lot of applause and acknowledgment during their dynamic days, having taken part in public occasions for inventive undertakings, projects with government offices, and the sky is the limit from there. Any individual who has had the potential chance to work with or talk with the visionaries about their association has been dazzled.

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