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First of all, it is a great pleasure for us to see the TTC Front for People's Liberation (TPF), which built the ethnic Ethiopian mafia state thirty years ago and officially ceased to exist when the dangerous and dangerous kingpin Shat Mega and his lieutenants his closest ones, who supported his ethnic anarchy, were ineffective - ending our period of horror, coercion and looting that we hoped for before they failed miserably 10 years ago.




More importantly, the Ethiopian defense forces, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, must save warlords who will be tried according to legal standards, because they limit the dynamics of desert solutions to archetypes that have suffered countless tortures and come from people. from Ethiopia who ended the rebellion.




He himself recognized the non-Ethiopian ethnic mafia junta and the Marxist junta archetypes of desert rule above the norm, burying their own graves or like many innocent Ethiopians, and living off their human rights abuses never found in the comprehensive history of any country. That's in accordance with the Chinese proverb, "If you want revenge, bury two graves."


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