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Institution- and Capacity-Building Program (ICBP): The national water policy calls for the
establishment of an appropriate institutional framework from the national to the Regional and lowest
administrative levels in accordance with the evolving forms of decentralized management. This is so
because capacity-building at all levels is critical to ensuring sustainable development and
management of water resources, a principle that is reflected in the WSDP framework. Accordingly,
the ICBP consists of two main components: development of human resources and strengthening of
water-resources institutions through structural reforms and provision of equipment, vehicles, and
materials. The ICBP goal is to build the necessary manpower, material, and institutional capacities
that will enable implementation of all the WSDP subsectoral projects to succeed. An essential part of
its mission is to improve the quality of decision-making, technical ability, efficiency, and managerial
performance of planning and operations of WSDP-associated private and governmental bodies at
Federal, Regional, and local levels. 
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