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In order to examine the perspective of a student on ePorfolio, we have created an online survey that has been sent to three different classes of the "digital technologies in veterinary programs" course. The survey was a qualitative questionnaire with ten open questions, requesting respondents with statements on topics such as challenges and opportunities for eportifio, the skills needed to create an eportfolio, as well as their own definition of the concept "eportfolio" concept. Two of the classes had completed the course in the fall of 2016 and the last class was the current class in the spring of 2017. We sent a link to the online survey to all 48 students of the three classes. Three e-mails were returned because the addresses that students had provided were no longer used. Of the 45 possible answers, we received 15, which is equivalent to a response rate of 33%. We hoped more, but it turned out that the answers were relatively distributed over the three classes. We do not argue that this small survey is a representative sampling of all students who have participated in this course, even less representative of the experience of working with ePorfolio for adult students during continuing education. However, statements that respondents plan in the investigation, we find a number of relevant reflections and perspectives on ePorfolio, both as a challenge and an opportunity to empower the role of the teacher and empowering student learning processes.

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