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After the truce on one side by the National Government and the withdrawal of the bureaucratic powers of the town since June 30, 2021, the university substands of several pieces of Ethiopia, which were tested, have abandoned various schools in the district.




However, since the declaration of the truce, some guardians communicated their interests and nerves with regard to the election of the public authority, which was taken in case of ignoring the large number of underestimations that go to classes in the area. Despite a brief notification by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MOSHE), expressing that the substands are in acceptable conditions, it is not yet clear how the public authority will be occupied with the case.




Guardians and relatives concerned about the colleges of Tigray Provincial State disclosed to the reporter who have hit in various neighborhoods and global organizations, including the president's office, the office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Peace and the Red Cross with a End objective to discover a method for transportation. They tragically showed that their efforts have not been at all extreme. Throughout these lines, a large number of cumulative tutors in the UN-ECA in search of enduring arrangements.

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