Ethiopian News Ethiopia Today November 6, 2021


The Virtual Exchange Coalition and the European Commission's report on Erasmus+ VE drives characterize Virtual Exchange as "innovation empowered, maintained, individuals to-individuals training program" (European Commission, 2017, pp. 26–27), in which "the profound effect of multifaceted trade is joined with the wide reach of new media innovations" (Virtual Exchange Coalition, 2019). In down to earth terms, the understudies from various nations participate in intercultural discoursed and in internet based gathering coordinated effort as a feature of instructive undertakings, which are worked with by their instructors (O'Dowd, 2018; Baroni et al., 2019). 


In the beyond five years, I have organized ten VE projects with five unfamiliar colleges. My inspiration was to outfit my understudies with 21st century abilities, which are esteemed in the realm of work, for example, critical thinking, social and culturally diverse association, decisive reasoning, coordinated effort and advanced education (Chu et al., 2017). Advanced education educational programs will generally underline the improvement of such capabilities, however less consideration is paid to the genuine acknowledgment of these learning results. Subsequent to getting propelled by the videoconferencing practices of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences during an Erasmus trade visit to Helsinki, I began arranging joint VE showing projects with devoted partners from abroad.

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