I have successfully performed 400 surgeries


The Ladies' Ethiopia (WHAE) Health Association is the closest association established in January 2011. Since then, it has been truly working in nine Ethiopian districts by building an environmental unit that contains fifty women who pursue their own welfare and their network. The association also underlines monetary freedom, which involves this as a device to enable individuals. Our vision marries two basic beliefs into the welfare of one comprehensive and financial progress for all women in Ethiopia.


Whae solidly accepts that placing resources into certain meetings for people for a long time will help distinguish the quality of individuals and establish opportunities to bring combined results. With this impact, the execution system used is the foundation of an environmental unit in each district with the total 50 people who are the most extreme with a point of replication.




All women's units should take part in the local regional welfare training meeting. This is after they are preparing for a year. When finished, all individuals meet consistently through the function of customary espresso to examine social problems, look further into prosperity, and make a family ties that will strengthen

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