Zehabesha 3 breaking news


August 13, 2021, BBC Hardtalk meet with TPLF dread based oppressor bundle delegate Getachew Reda. On Wednesday this week, the two risky powers officially articulated organization and it has become altogether more open and an assertion. PM Office Press Secretary Billene Seyoum took note, "the new thing on Wednesday's public show of the manipulator TPLF and Shene bundles that they have perceived their association transparently is an affirmation of the ruinous activities against the relentlessness of Ethiopia as a state."


Clearly, the two dread based oppressor bundles have been executing a wide scope of horrifying presences in Ethiopia particularly, during the past three years, and they are at this point working as driving harming performers against the sufficiency of the nation and mental fighting is the general component of the different sides.


TPLF and Shene were behind different unpleasant attacks on standard people in various bits of the country to pivot the change that was accomplished through the clash of the Ethiopian public. Numerous people passed on and a tremendous number of people were hurt and thousands ousted.


Besides, they made organizations live in consistent fear and undermined trust in the public power. There are pieces of confirmation that clearly show that these bad behaviors were finished to undermine, weaken and endanger the genuine presence of the country. In such a way, all of the criminal exhibits executed by the TPLF and Shene totally follows the significance of mental fighting under Article 3 of Proclamation No. 1176/2020 on the Prevention and Control of Terrorism.

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