What happen in addis abeba


Different social orders have matched no number without any figure, not to be confused with the truncation of "number", which is like "no". These non-figure is managed as no. 2 Given negative connections in their individual companies. For example, how the stuff works consider that facilities and apartments in Japan are systematically stressed from the fourth floor (jumping from third to fifth) because the number four is comparable to the word "dead", while the Number 49 brings a catastrophe because it seems like the Japanese words for "torture up" the end ". Meanwhile, the most terrible number of the West among Christians is 666, sterile figures of Lucifer # 1




Especially as the number four in Japan (and other Asian countries of the East other than), the triple six have low clarification. As indicated by the University of Chicago, the association between Satan and the triple-6 follows at the time of the Emperor Nero and the night of Rome broke out in flares in 64 after JC. Nero did not play while Rome burned taking into account how tridades did not exist in old Rome, accepting history. However, various Romans believed that Nero made a type of substitution game that voluntarily placed the city. The burst persisted for six days, before "ejecting unfortunately" and virtually 66% of Rome was lost near invaluable lives.




That Nero was a light or not, he was the fundamental leader of the mishandled Christians, that he blamed for the burst. He also thought that the execution of the Apostles Paul and Peter. In this way, Christians began to consider it's antichrist. After his passage in 68 after JC, various Christians asked, "He was not dead and returned to somehow.

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