Eregnaye drama actor


Teddy's most memorable Collection, Mishandled was conveyed in 2001. The assortment set up the young specialist as perhaps the most unquestionable singers and lyricists in the business.


Regardless, his third Collection, JA Material (God Pardons), set Teddy Afro in the heights of qualification. The assortment, extraordinarily conveyed just a short time before the most questionable Ethiopian parliamentarian political race in 2005, tended to issues from power energy to exonerating, a message generally Ethiopian's longed for by then. The assortment was considered as a sharp savant towards the choice assembling and its opponents, and an update that the country failed to pushed ahead since the expel of the Head in 1974. Teddy called for vindication, fortitude, and lowliness. The assortment was a lot of decided time shrewd, and was a second accomplishment. To be sure, it was considered as a soundtrack of the display and improvements that followed the questionable political race.


Following the famous achievement of the assortment, in 2006, Teddy Afro was caught and condemned for a speedy in and out. In a legitimate proceeding with that pulled in the thought of the entire country, Teddy was viewed as reprehensible of butchering a 18 year's old transient by his vehicle. Teddy denied all the claim and kept up that he was not driving at the night of the accident in any way shape or form. The court considered him to be culpable and denounced him for quite a while. Many battled that the sentence is politically impelled, and it was a remuneration back by the public power. Believe it or not, this further send off Teddy's predominance. Many felt that his confinement was a picture of proficient abuse of dissidents. His confinement just gave Teddy more admirers and made a group live status for his personality.


Teddy was conveyed in 2009 for extraordinary person following two years of confinement. His most memorable show after conveyance in Addis Ababa Arena was gone to by 60,000 people, proclaiming his status as the top craftsman in the country.


Following seven years of holding on for his assortment by his fans, in 2012, Teddy's conveyed his fourth Collection Timur Sew (Person of color). The assortment is considered as potentially the most predicted Collection's in the Ethiopian music history. It was a second hit, breaking records of arrangements wherever on the country. The gathering of work moreover surrendered the holding fans definitively what they were looking for. The cover title of the assortment, Tiger Sew praises ruler Menelik the II and highlights the Ethiopian victory over the Italians. Teddy pronounces pride in the manner that Ethiopia was seldom colonized, and applauds the sovereign for his organization in swaying the conflict the Italians.

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