Tplf secret revealed


Abel Birhanu All Ethiopian news updates on August 20, 2021. The brother Haile by Getachew Haile Haile Reda finished silence. In a public declaration, the joint workforce sent ENA, said the suspects have dealt with criminal compilation operations and moving effective to the fear oppressor and SHENE by configuring secret connections with meetings. According to the Working Group, a part of the suspects that participate in an illicit exchange has been discovered to help the clusters of psychological oppressors with money and coordination.




Some of them also tried to gather data and, furtively, give it to meetings, he added. The catches have been received late while trying to furtively dispatch a colossal measure of cash to Mekele who was sent from the US. UU and different teammates to the bunch representative of TPLF TPLF, Getachew Reda and others.




Fekadu Reda was captured as money was moved illegally to the psychological militant meeting by using the non-legislative association of which he works. According to the public declaration, the suspects also tried to present psychological militant demonstrations in Ethiopia by furtively drawing with the individuals of the Monger Mund SHENE.




In addition, the public declaration expressed that suspects have tried to transmit subtly cash and military outflows to the meeting through the district of Afar.

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