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An eportfolio can be displayed through a variety of multimedia media and technology, for example, audio, audio and audio. By doing so, you can show information that could have been less explicable if it is only given written. Regarding the evaluation, some students find that academic writing is difficult to use an ephortfolio, they can show their assignment in a medium so they can be more comfortable. As a side in organizational workplaces, employees often must be competent in technology. An eportfolio as a learning tool gives students and introduction to technology and allows them to become more familiar with the production of online work.


Yes and no. It is good to have the freedom to express themselves in different ways, but the Eportfolio System (Mahara) used in Marino is very restricted with the way in which the content can be shown.


It would be creative and I would be more motivated in terms of completing this. I feel that it has an eportfolio instead of all the written evaluation, increases my opportunity to get a high brand.


Yes, because it is updated on the use of technology. It can be creative, fun and interesting.


All those who thought that the eportefolio was not a good evaluation mode alluded to the dependence on the student's technical capacity, since the following quotes stand out:


Not everyone like technology, so I think it's easy for people to feel easily frustrated with the process. However, in the future, I think there should be an option as to whether a student wants or not to do an eporteh or want to deliver a printed copy of a portfolio.


I do not think it's a fair assessment mode, since some people are much better to use computers than others, so they have a greater chance of getting high grades, I think it implies a lot of work for people who are not computer assistants .

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