Ethiopian News Ethiopia Today November 18, 2021


Dagmawit is a singer and a model. She is a mother of two. She is married to the famous actor Samson A.K.A Baby.


Lake Wonchi was named the best tourist village in the world by the United Nations tourism organization.


The winner will be announced at the 24th General Assembly in Spain on December 2nd 2021.


Lake Volcano, one of the volcanic lakes, is one of the government's development projects.


Sheger Radwo indicates that the Oromia's regional culture and tourism worked hard to bring Lake Wonchi to competition.


Lake Wonchi, known as "Africa Swiss", houses natural forests, hot springs and waterfalls, as well as natural lakes and honey.


Who competed with Lake Wonchi, who would have won the World Tourism Tourism Competition? What is the reward? It is understood that the government is preparing to explain the details of the process.

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