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In this sense, the initial evolution towards rehabilitation should address this distant emergency. For this to happen, the public authority should give the autonomous media and help the offices sufficient admission to the local. We can not respond to the emergency without knowing its size.




Unfortunately, until this point, we do not have specific official data on the disappearance of soldiers and deaths of non-military staff. This lack of admission to the district has concerned appropriately in the region around the world, and this should also concern us.




Those inside and remote dislodged must have all the help they need and that they should come back to the places they grew up. Web, electric force, water, telephone and banking administrations must also be restored at the first opportunity. With the help of the national government, the organization between time highlights a valiant effort for this purpose, but there are many positions of remnants.




Without this, it can very well be difficult for any post-TPLF organization of the region to acquire the trust of local people. As harmony and strength can not be insured without the public with the public authority occupied by a restoration of harmony and security, it is important to move away from the acquisition of Visayan's confidence. ordinary in the local.




The fate of TI Gray Foncier debate with the Regional Parameters Adhara and the Association of Eritrea at War could be a significant deterrence for the new local organization. The contribution of Eritrea is a swivel subject that calls a deep exam, which I will not enter this room. In any case, the central government must solve these problems quickly and truly to acquire the confidence of Visayans, as well as the largest public and global networks.

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