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Hanna Bogale, The most energetic Ethiopian-imagined head honcho. Hanna Bogale was brought into the world in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has been banded together with the going with affiliations: Community College of Denver Business Administration, Advisory Board Ethiopian American Civic Council, Head of Finance.


Hanna Bogale, a thriving business visionary here in Colorado, a social liberties defender and neighborhood. I'm in like manner the originator of Lucy, an altruistic completely aim on empowering and showing mistreated women all through the planet to become business visionaries. I'm a first period Ethiopian American related with various social and political activities, at present the head of cash for the Ethiopian American Civic Council. I'm hustling to convey careful and different organization to Aurora City board.


A social finance manager because of my excitement and effort at unveiling positive changes in our general through huge quantities of my little drives. Over the span of ongoing years, our affiliations have had the choice to give open situations to a colossal number of people, and it's a marker of our turn of events, yet having the perception of the encountering that families continue to experience step by step, and having the choice to oblige numerous such families.


These days we have all the earmarks of being parceled subject to our race or religion, but I should uncover that thought. I have two stories that I think might help people with seeing a substitute perspective. I was once alloted to be on the main body of an African trade relationship here in Colorado. I got all invigorated considering the way that I felt that position would help me with reaching more Africans.

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