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In Apex Legends Mirage is the Bugs Bunny of the social affair. His joking person and enthusiasm to continually celebrate the good life is commended and welcomed by a couple of gathering. It also has a way to deal with irritating specific people and having all the earmarks of being fake or undependable.


Dream is everything except a solitary youngster which could come as shock considering he has the person and energy of one. He was the most energetic of 4 young fellows and was the offspring of an awe inspiring planning mother who has helped him all through his entire life.


Tragically for him, his 3 kin vanished during the Frontier Wars and he was left as the single persevering through youngster to his mother. Taking into account they weren't seen as died there's at this point a likely one while maybe few out of every odd one of them made due, yet rather reality will surface ultimately.


The performer essentially known as Mirage was given his voice by a performer by the name of Roger Craig Smith. Smith would more likely than not be seen as the English voice of Sonic the Hedgehog. He similarly sorted out some way to voice DC's lead holy person Bruce Wayne/Batman in Warner Bros. Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origins PC game.

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