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Love can't be turned on as an award. It can't be slowed down as a discipline. Simply something else professing to be love can be used as a draw, as a catch, for hustle, imitated, recommended, but the real deal can never be conveyed expecting it doesn't spring uninhibitedly from the heart.


This doesn't suggest that friendship grants ruinous and harsh practices to carry on without some kind of imposed limit. Love goes to bat for value and battles when harm is being done. Love raises the results of hurting oneself or others. Love grants space for shock, pity, or torture to be imparted and conveyed. In any case, love doesn't do whatever it takes to keep itself expecting that it doesn't get what it needs. Love doesn't say, directly or by suggestion, "Expecting you are a terrible youngster, Mommy will not appreciate you any longer."


Love doesn't say, "Daddy's girl doesn't do that." Love doesn't say, "to be revered, you ought to be perfect," or "Do what I want," or "Never love some other individual," or "Assurance you won't ever leave me."


Love will in general ponder what is the destiny of you since reverence understands that we are completely interconnected. Love is intrinsically empathetic and empathic. Love understands that the "other" is similarly oneself. This is basically the genuine embodiment of veneration, and love itself can't be controlled or restricted. Love commends the influence of each and every soul. Love is its own regulation.

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