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It was performing military drills to show its flashy military strength went with massive provocative proclamation and defiant discussions. It sought after a contention of nerves to undermine the Federal government equipped power engaging soul and its credibility. The warhawks TLF were clamoring for war which had every one of the reserves of being the start representing things to come most desperate result possible in the country. Out of altogether or sheer absence, the PLF had been exaggerating its strategic capacity to alert its adversaries. No enormous shock fight for the PLF was really like plain cruising in a calm sea.


Moreover, the special minority banned their minds by dividers of restricted nationalistic pride and vainglory and went all on a mission to praise the PLF as the lone certified specialist of people. They fooled their family into the conviction that "TPF is the most noteworthy and undefeatable that can't be easily given up to any for power."


They practiced on people's credulity and were misleading them with counterfeit, unobtrusive, hostile deliberate exposure to push them to convey guns and fight close by Tigray powers against Ethiopia and Eritrea on different PLF controlled news sources, which transformed into the flavor of the day.


We can't ignore the way that the TPF's unnatural red hot approach to talking had stunned various Nigerians and many were overwhelmed by its media gobbledygook. They made a good endeavor to stun their family with such incalculable tissues of misrepresentations, yet how untruths and assumption can incite unpleasant disaster can be acquired from the PLF. In this way, all the prompting of the PLF was highlighted inviting the Federal government to a tactical confrontation. To make its procedure more productive, the PLF was planning, equipping, and funding various Oromo and various social affairs, including Eritrean saps.


There is no ground around how the Northern Command was 'enduring an onslaught' for quite a while. The improvement of its powers beginning with one spot then onto the following was severely controlled, noticed, and once in a while bugged in various towns before being wantonly attacked by savage and tactless remarkable powers and state multitudes of the PLF. Out of haughtiness, the PLF moreover limited top military authorities from entering Tigray.


The PLF was off-kilter with the way that the Federal equipped power could squash 'major areas of strength for its power' since its own military was more great than the Federal outfitted force by all assessments. Bewildered by pride, the PLF used its muscles to finish its mystery plan.


On 01 November 2020, at 11 pm, the PLF powers cordoned off all of the strategic camps and dispatched a shock and insidious attack on the Northern Command outfitted force all through Tigray. The Ethiopian furnished force had never imagined in its mind that the PLF would make such an attack on them and could hardly acknowledge their ears when they were attacked.


The PLF deceived them and profanely displayed that "it expected only 45 minutes to bring the Northern request under its full control." Indeed, the attack introduced to the savage reality that the PLF is the most underhanded and wily lowlife on the planet, its whole history exhibits it.


Various of the Northern Command powers who tested giving up their weapons and clothes were struggled to the last slug before being gotten or brutally killed, and their dead bodies were left exposed and unburied for a seriously prolonged stretch of time. A basic number of the military went too far to a connecting country with their weapons immaculate. Top military authorities, who were figuring out progression activities to help poor Tigray people, were delivered off to Eritrea stripped. Various prisoners were ruthlessly treated or humiliated and stayed for a seriously prolonged stretch of time without food and water until they were shielded by their 'companions.' Other enormous hostilities of the PLF consolidate eliminating chests of female equipped power people, pushing cutting edges at their private parts and attacking, any similarity to which have never been seen or heard in Ethiopian past history.

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