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Meeting with craftsman Mensomewal Wondwose with fegegite reaction. In Addis Ababa, the Focal Shopping Center for imported products, a sun-based lamp that can illuminate a space for more than five hours, around 3500 BIRR, while in excess of 12,000 Birr is needed to buy a house frame with Headquarters in the Sun that can accommodate DC machines such as light, radio and loading phones.


The cost of the thing fluctuates in all districts and is more expensive in the provincial cities in light of transport costs and the prolonged production network. With Stash market players, they say a greater piece of industry in general, even though, in addition, there are less expensive things with less quality and lower robustness. The specialists feared that a circumstance could damage the entire market.


"There is a huge opportunity in the observation post, despite the fact that the booty represents a tremendous danger to the players of the genuine market," said Henok Assefa, the managing partner of the precise consultation, which has distributed a report on a report on The independent solar-based adventure map for Ethiopia.


An examined examination two years before USAID, which runs Power Africa Off-Grid Project, discovered that 14.6 million families in Ethiopia depend on non-frame lighting sources. The participation of a vast lion of these families that depends on the sources outside the network uses a sun-based light frame with a force level of less than 10 watts, which is lower than the objective established by the Specialists

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