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It is part of a small package of Ethiopians who have come to the world name of the name of this century. It is one of the indisputable figures of contemporary Ethiopian craftsmanship, a saw in Goliathie in Ethiopia, on the African central area and without a doubt the whole world. His appellais sails fifty years and three political frameworks, and he continues to work today at the Villa Alpha, at home and the studio. He raised the financial prosperity of the expert in Ethiopian culture. It has made a huge gathering of work among which is the incredible separator of stained glass from visitor inviting to the African Room of UNECA. He is the Honorable Laureate Master Artist Awerk Tekle.




It was introduced in the world in the city of North Shoa d'Ankober in October 1932. At school, he showed a gift for science and drawing and in 1947 was transported out of England to think about Mining planning. Its creative benefits and capacities, it has led to abandon planning and pursue manufacturing exams. HMAL AWEWERK TEKLE learned to the Central Arts and Crafts School in London before joining the prestigious Slade, Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of London.




In 1954, he returned to Ethiopia and put on a law of a man who was the vital essential manufacturing show in the Second World War of Ethiopia. The show was a monstrous event for Addis Ababa and in the surprisingly conservative public environment of the time, it was also the well-being of the charitable of many discussions. The show was the essential spectacle of the dynamic structures of an Ethiopian expert in Ethiopia, and among the pieces shown was the crucifixion at the moment at the Asni Gallery (acquired from the National Museum). The representation of volunteer of an unbearable killer of Christ has suffered a lot of the standard Ethiopian style of strict strict masterpiece, has brought a great contradiction of the head of the Orthodox Church. The press was also exceptionally essential and just as often threatening by the young skilled worker. At first, he sold any work of art. In the end, the Sovereign Haile Selassie I bought two creations. Inappropriately, the sovereign has undergone people of a global population to help skilled workers and buy equipment. Seven additional works of art were properly obtained by various individuals, anyway, they never paid them. In the end, the question went to the thoughts of the sovereign who requested that one of the two parties be made or that the organizations returned. Each of the seven show-stoppers was returned to the skilled worker.

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