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My sister will appear before a court after ten days - the sister of a Steward of the Ethiopian airline captured in Turkey speaks of the current circumstance of his sister and the Go Asset account. The Street Security Program, one of the most punctual commitments of Essential Strategies in Ethiopia, plans to provide assistance in essential correspondences and in-house / media presentations to advance the conduct and the conduct. Safer coherence with traffic guidelines in Ethiopia.


In addition, to help public power to perform best practices and set up a funding system for a long distance completion. The activity of civic registration and vital statistics (CRVS) supports the Ministry of Health, Immigration, National Agency and Central Statistics (CSA) to improve public abduction, measurable creation and the necessary measures separately.


Unlike many other created countries, Ethiopia does not have a completely advanced CRV framework; Among different pointers, more than 84% of births and 96% of passages are not enrolled in Ethiopia. As a result, our CRVS group attempts to revive the team's CRVS framework with accomplices, create key recordings and focuses on the goals of the DDG.


With regard to the commitment, it is also currently waiving the discovery of overabundance mortality alongside the death reasons at all likely to understand the extent of possible mortality. This program helps public authority to settle on educated choices for strategy planning, asset designation and in addition, has reasonable and factual ramifications.

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