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The reasoning of the Ethnic Hostility of TPLF and the milderness in the same way needs an ideal possibility for reconstruction. There are more significant wounds that find ways to fall Ethiopia. One of these centrals for suffering, the tranquility of Ethiopia is the illness of TPLF and the solid control of the Districts of the Adhara public.


The predetermination of Amaral in Tolkien, Teed, the helmet and Maya need the thought of Mortest. From now on, these regions have been defecting restored by blood to their true owners. Changing the new situation is unfathomable and counterproductive. A future action political course should see this reality and restore areas to the town of Adhara while in SME's time, guaranteeing the advantages of non-Adhara.


The world neighborhood to see the way in which a consistent and suffer framework of friendship can be innate in Ethiopia and the Horn, basically, an authentic re-evaluation of the condition. This is unimaginable by the external load anyway by a trade and appreciation of great base among all the accomplices.


One of the authentic defects in the safety assessment of Western powers is resolved to PLF as an accessory in the fight against illicit terrorization. TPLF on September 9, September 11, the Agreement with the USA UU in the al-Qaeda statement had dominated the dangerous part of the political illicit terrorization framework. Anyway, it allowed TPL to plant fear of its own occupants with not likely repercussions without being named as "rebellious state" or even "mental oppressive state" anyway, their extraordinary oppressive propensions were not dark by the General Quarter.

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