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Hassan Melissa at the University of Oregon, it clearly puts it on FP on November 19, 2020, only two weeks after the conflict began, how the dominant control of the PLF had slept from his hand after 27 years in the driving seat, And it resorted to violence to recover it, which brought up on the day of your dooms as follows:




"That domain is something that the PLF is willing to fight to preserve, as evidenced by the decision to carry out what an official of the higher PLF described as a" preventive strike "against the northern command of the Federal Army, Unleashing the current conflict. The risk is now that the persistent and increasingly bold actions of the PLF could make impossible of the peaceful reforms of Abiy and, therefore, make a violent transition inevitable. "




Two years before the massacre, those victims who left Tigray were ordered in 2019, will go south, but PLF officials called people out and prevent soldiers from going to urging women and children to bed in the medium. Of the road.

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