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For the cMOOCs examined in this article, the foundation system for arranging the cMOOCs has been the instructing teaching method of Humak University of Applied Sciences (see Sirkkil 2015) applied to online conditions. This educational methodology has been utilized in cMOOC executions in a work environment arranged way with project accomplices: the colleges of applied sciences and working environments have set up an instructive association for the undertaking time frame, joining the mastery of the working environments and the academic ability of the colleges of applied sciences (Sderlund 2016). In the inception period of planning the community web based learning process, the hypothetical premise has been the five-stage model created by Salmon (2013; 2011), where the understudies continue through the phases of inspiration, socialization, data trade and information development towards the phase of improvement. The cMOOC idea applied in the proceeding with training of advanced youth work has been created beginning around 2014. In the commencement period of the task, the substance, teaching method, specialized arrangements and their income rationale were examined and demonstrated. (Distanssi 2014; Korkalainen, Timonen, and Tuuttila 2014; Thtinen 2014.) 


The review and its unique situation 


The objects of the review were the three cMOOCs on computerized youth work, each completed with various substance in the spring of 2017 (Table 1). The review bunch comprised of one outer scientist and two entertainers from the Distanssi project (mentor, project administrator). The information were gathered by leading a semi-organized last study for the members of the courses (n=324). The overview was directed utilizing the Webropol apparatus during the last seven day stretch of each course, and reacting to it was a compulsory course necessity.

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