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Strict pioneers communicated something specific of congrats on the birthday of Jesus Christ


Addis Ababa, January 2022: The strict pioneers sent a celebratory message with respect to the 2015 birthday of Jesus Christ.


In their message, the strict dads expressed that since the birthday of Jesus Christ is the underpinning of adoration and modesty, Christians ought to decipher it practically speaking by endlessly cherishing one another.


He said that God's arriving at this world as a man is an exhibit of his affection for humankind, so we ought to likewise show the affection that God has displayed to humanity.


Adoring one another and living in harmony and love is God's precept. We who are answerable for profound and common work said that it is our obligation to submit to God's rules.


They understood that the introduction of Jesus Christ broke the wall among God and humanity.


Furthermore, as the celebration is a celebration of modesty and love, Christians ought to spend the celebration thinking about the people who are deprived because of multiple factors and sharing what they have.


He said that he ought to carry out the case of Jesus Christ by performing great deeds for his kin in his everyday exercises.

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