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Finnish higher education institutions are encouraged to increase international cooperation and create new mobility activities. One way to internationalize is to design and propose implementations online with your partner universities. In the digilog (digital supported and virtual study practices for modern logistics systems) project, we created the online study module for interinstitutional study.


Digilog is a project to develop international higher education funded by the ERASMUS + program. The designed study module (15 credits) focuses on the management of transport and logistics of a multinational work environment taking into account digital decision support systems and simulation tools. One of the goals is to harmonize and renew the content and develop among students and teachers of internationalization competence. (Kabashkin 2021).


We used the CARPE DIEM design model at the international level well known for the support expressed during the planning comprehension and construction of the module. The model is a cooperative approach in the learning design team and is adapted to the design or redesign of a course, module, unit or program. The idea behind Carpe Diem is based on skills and learning centered on the student. (Salmon et al. 2020).

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