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In HAMK, during 2014 there was a broad change measure identified with educational plans. The lone wolf training educational plans were rebuilt to comprise of wide and coordinated skill based modules, rather than customary disciplines. Also, instructors were coordinated to work in groups, and understudies' friend learning, valid learning tasks in certifiable settings and digitalization in learning were accentuated. In this stage, the utilization of advanced portfolios was acquainted with all instructors and degree programs as a device for direction and appraisal, and to understudies as a device for making their expert computerized profiles. Utilizing portfolios in understudy focused learning isn't new, this is the case additionally in HAMK. Contingent upon the degree program or the instructors answerable for the direction, portfolios have been utilized to gather and archive individual learning results, or even as features (for example in plan). Nonetheless, the improvement of the computerized portfolio measure has not been extremely quick nor efficient, however it has been disengaged to single substances inside the investigations. Hence, EEP project was made to help and foster the advanced portfolio cycle to cover the various models of studies and distinctive degree programs in HAMK. 


In the EEP project we need to define rules that can be utilized in the whole HAMK, accordingly we gathered perspectives from the center gathering that comprised of full time single guy understudies that didn't have broad involvement with utilizing ePortfolios. In this article, our point is to examine understudies' musings and thoughts regarding the vital components to construct a connecting with ePortfolio measure from the start of the examinations until the graduation and then some. 


Unhitched male understudies' center gathering 


This article focuses on the stage where the utilization of ePortfolios isn't yet completely settled however arising. Consequently, our center gathering is ten second year Bachelor-level understudies from out and out thirty understudies in HAMK's Sustainable Development degree program. They have used different advanced tools[1] in their examinations up until now however have not utilized them in the exhaustive portfolio sort of setting. Albeit, three of the understudies portrayed right now utilizing a "light" advanced portfolio for mentoring purposes. Regardless, the gathering in general had just gotten some exceptionally fundamental contributing to a blog guidance with the end goal of a learning journal during their second review year. The wide range of various conceivable ePortfolio work has been simply the drive of the understudies and not directed by the educators.

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