Fenan Hidru & Dawit Tsige


The Bole Lemi, Kilinto and Adama Industrial Parks Industrial Parks Development Corporation visited the recently delegated ministers.


It is said that the diplomats visited different nations to see the speculation open doors in the modern parks and to draw in venture to Ethiopia.


It was likewise referenced that ministers ought to attempt to advance speculation open doors in modern parks to the world.


During the visit, a point by point depiction of the exercises, speculation choices and future exercises in the modern parks was given.


It will assist with advancing speculation open doors in modern parks to the world, the representatives revealed.


The sub-city shared a table for the poor because of the fasting of Abyssinia and Ramadan




A food sharing project was held for 1,100 low-pay and weak individuals in Kolfe Keranio sub-city on the event of the Aby and Ramadan fasting seasons.

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