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The main confrontation occurred in Alba Aladi on December 7, 1895, where a more modest modest Italian armed force cleared. The subsequent experience was in Moselle, where the Italians were placed behind a solid fortress. The Ethiopians covered the Italians for some fourteen days and, after the recommendation of Empress Tahiti, eliminate the water supply of fortification.




The Italian commander convenient to give up the possibility of being allowed to leave with their weapons. Menelik agreed that they could leave the post safe.




Be that as it may, the Italians remained in their fortifications, maintaining their situation in Agra and Saurian. Menelik was in no hurry to assault these strengths.




After fourteen days of latency, the general barrier decided to progress for an unexpected assault. It was March 1, 1896, or, according to Ethiopian schedule, yeast 23 of 1888, San George's day. The clergy transmitted the taboo, an imitation of the ark of the covenant, a strict symbol that represents the holiness of Ethiopia, to the front line. The 20,000 Italian and Italian prepared local soldiers who cut in three sections bravely fought with their weapons and automatic weapons before facing a conclusive loss. The causalities were serious on both sides.




One of the vital bosses of the Ethiopian powers was the Tahiti Titus stage, an Emperor Menelik spouse. A brave specialist and splendid supervisor, she led to 6,000 rangers at the head of the war, and used conventional music and war drones that aroused the soul of struggle of the warriors.

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