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Notwithstanding, it is clear that understudies and instructors need new sorts of advanced abilities to have the option to accomplish the previously mentioned objectives for the computerized portfolio work. As indicated by Ilomäki, Paavola, Lakkala and Kantosalo (2016) "Advanced ability comprises of the abilities and practices needed to utilize new innovations definitively and as a device for getting the hang of, working and relaxation time, understanding the fundamental marvels of computerized advances in the public arena just as in one's own life, and the inspiration to take part in the advanced world as a functioning and mindful entertainer." In our EEP project, the improvement of advanced capability is additionally characterized as an objective, as it is firmly associated with the strengthening in the ePortfolio creation. 


In this article, we talk about the setting off perspectives according to the understudies' perspective of how the utilization of ePortfolios can be fortified in advanced education. We examine the impressions of the center gathering, which comprised of understudies from one degree program in Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK). The center gathering doesn't address every one of the understudies or certification programs in HAMK. Nonetheless, it is an example that shows what sort of data should be viewed as when ePortfolios are intended to be executed the initial time as a major piece of rousing and connecting with the ability improvement measure.

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