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Ebs columnist Asfaw Meshesha and Liya wedding. It shows the issue a couple pass to get to the big day.




One kilogram of Ethiopian espresso was sold at a cost of in excess of 47 thousand birr. This is a record for Ethiopian espresso.


In the current Some Greatness 2022 contest, one kilogram of Ethiopian espresso was sold for 47,236 Birr 23 pennies or 884 focuses 10 US dollars.


The espresso that got the most elevated score by taking the primary spot in quality at Some Greatness espresso tasting rivalry held in Ethiopia for the third time. It was sold at the greatest cost in the worldwide web-based closeout that occurred from the previous evening.


This cost is an astounding cost for one kilo of Ethiopian espresso, the Ethiopian Espresso and Tea Authority declared.


For the people who added to the accomplishment of this brilliant triumph by investing all their energy and consideration into this opposition; He offered his thanks to the ranchers in all the espresso developing areas, the individuals from the controlling council, the Ethiopian Espresso and Tea Authority, the Ethiopian Espresso Exporters Affiliation, Some Greatness 2022 task laborers and comparative legislative and non-administrative establishments, worldwide associations, colleges and exploration organizations. .

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