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Two or more childbirth of women in a row is a recurring birth event in the sense that the delivery of one or more children in a certain period of time, from live births to the next birth. Women are more vulnerable to macro and micronutrients thinning during pregnancy and breastfeeding when the period between recurring delivery is shorter (less than or equal to 24 months). This causes problems with later pregnancy and child health [5]. Generally successive time intervals of repeated births are measured in terms of years [4, 6]. Short -term recurrence in the family is very responsible for the mortality and morbidity of a child. In developing countries, the year -year gap between children in successive births is short and causes food inadequacy, especially breastfeeding [5]. This is a common problem in underdeveloped countries such as Ethiopia, and contributes significantly to the health of poor mothers and children [2, 4].




Study [1, 2, 7] reports that the area of ​​residence, husband's work, type of contraception used, and the sex of the previous child will determine the duration between successive births.

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