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The food we eat gives our bodies the "data" and the materials they need to work properly. In the event that we do not obtain the correct data, our metabolic cycles last and our well -being decreases.




In the event that we obtain an excess of food, or food that gives our bodies some unacceptable directions, we can be overweight, malnutrible and in danger of the progress of diseases and conditions, such as joint pain, diabetes and coronary heart disease.




To put it clearly, what we eat is key to our well -being. Think about that considering the meaning of webster medications: "Science and crafts that manage the support of well -being and anticipation, mitigation or solution of the disease."




Food supplements train cells in our bodies to develop their essential abilities. This declaration of a well -known course reading portrays how food supplements are fundamental for our real work.




"The supplements are food substances in food that are fundamental to the development, progress and maintenance of body capacities. Fundamental that implies that if a supplement is absent, parts of capacity and thus the decomposition of human well -being At the moment when the admission of the supplement does not. Routinely satisfy the supplement needs led by cell movement, metabolic cycles were delayed or even stopped. "

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