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This article deals with the question of creating meaning to work with ePorfolio in adult education. The article presents the results of a small-scale investigation in adults in continuing education that worked with ePorfolio as a central didactic principle. It is argued that many of the student statements about their understanding of the ePorfolio's processes are fundamentally about the way of giving meaning to the ePorfolio tool, both in their professional and personal life. This calls for a didactic position with teachers who use ePorfolios, based on empowering through the manufacture of meaning, so that the ePorfolios make sense. It is suggested that two relevant didactic perspectives for finding the sense of the world can be found in theories of biographies and metaphor work. In addition, a strong didactic position that argues that the creation of meaning must be based on a strong teacher role, with the teacher as a primary sense manufacturer.

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