A simple milkshake recipe


Suggestive of the administration of the shelf and the days of Carhop, there is nothing better than an ideal shake. Fortunately, doing one at home is incredibly simple. This simple milkshake provides the ideal proportion of milk to frozen yogurt and is totally adjustable!




Could it at any time do it early?




Surprisingly, yes! Mix your milkshake and empty in your glass, then, at that point, put it in the refrigerator. Simply let it settle for 5 minutes or so before you can drink once again! It is an incredible party trick.




What are the big mixtures?




Oooh, our number one consultation! The mixtures are endless. You can add ears, Reese's peanut butter cups, brownies, treat the mixture, chocolate syrup or natural product. What you want! Add peanut butter, bananas and chocolate sparks for a thick monkey energy, or caramel, coconut and chocolate chips for a shake similar to Samoas.


In the event that you do not need your mixed mix, similar to the brownies or the treaty mixture, mix them as a frozen yogurt and milk.




Could at any time make a shake without a blender?




By the way! In addition, it is simpler than suspect! Add your frozen yogurt and milk to the huge bowl and use an elastic spatula to mix until the milk is integrated and then fill a glass. Essential!

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