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Easter or Fatima in Amharic begins with 53 days of fasting in which meat or creature is not devoured. This incorporates all the meat, eggs, milk, margarine, etc., so it takes me away from that in a country where many need more to eat, fasting is a typical method to show God's honor. Here in America, where we have a lot, fasting. It is rare. Maybe having little makes one more aware of who supplies the requirements of one?)




Sunday of Ramos or Hosanna (I love that name!) It's Sunday before Easter. It is the festival of the day when Jesus rode in Jerusalem in a jackass. The cumulative groups, the individuals established their wrapped in worship, so the feet of Jackass did not touch the dirty way. In our congregation in America, the Sunday of Ramos has a happy atmosphere. Children as a general rule enter the asylum waving the branches of the palm. I have clarified on Sunday of palmment normally as the "march for Jesus".




Hosanna is congratulated similarly in Ethiopia. In spite of the palm trees that are used in processing, the most burning devotees increase their palms in rings or crowns. These generally have a cross as a piece of the plan. They are used until Easter as an image and a token of all that Jesus decided to suffer to save us.




Large administrations on Friday are observed. The great Friday is a public occasion in which many go to the meetings of the chapel. A couple of Ethiopians go to the chapel on Thursday to perceive the last supper and stay until Easter Sunday!




The Easter Festival begins on Saturday before Easter Sunday. Around 8 pm, people start the processional to their places of love. The processional is an extremely bubbling company. Individuals are loaded with energy. They carry generally white, the formal attire of conventional Ethiopia. Aman, supplications and study the sacred texts until 3 am. At 3 am, they praised the Renaissance of Christ. At that moment they turn back. Some break quickly, others rest a couple of hours and then step to break their rapid. (Remember the 53 days without meat elements ... It would generally be restless to eat some protein!)

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