Debretsion secret revealed


The chronic foundation of Egypt is its own science. Going before the norm of the ruler recorded by fundamental, 5,000 years or more before Christ, there is enough in the culture and workmanship of Egypt that emerges by the long development of the long stretch of paleolithic humans, among Negro individuals. Around 4777 b.c. Aha-Mena starts from the first three regions of Reformist Egypt. It continues by up to 2,000 years, with different Pharaoh, such as Khafra from the fourth dynasty, from the Cast of Face Negroid which is clear.




Towards the improvement of the period, the area was destroyed itself into parts of Egypt and Ethiopia, and the tranquility of three centuries paid off. It is really imaginable that attacks of people who conquered to hide from the south poured the land in these years and saw Egypt on a trip with various years with some kind of full-blooded Negro nonstop and effectively amazed. Exceptional Sphinx in Gizet, so prominent to the whole world, sphinxes from Tanis, figure from Fayum, the Esquiline model in Rome, and Colossi of the bottles of all areas of a full-blooded Negro and pictured by Petrie. As "having high cheekbones, examination levels, both in one plane, giant nose, lips that project companies, and thick hair, with horrendous flavors and in all practical things, forced verbalization."




Blyden, a beautiful West African dull head, said about the sphinx in gizeh: "His elements were firm from a kind of African or Negro, with 'expanded nostrils.' If, at that moment, at that time, the Sphinx was put here - - looked out in a fantastic plain and quietly on the ground which was not filled when when the Memphis City stands that cannot be understood with the total pride and beauty, as' Basic depiction of the ruler '- - Isn't a clear reversal about certain types or rushes that experts have? "




The central area appears 3064 b.c. Likewise, it continues to last 24 centuries. Under Pharaoh who jumped Negro could not be denied, as Amenemhat I and III and Usertsen I, the old miracle of Egypt was rebuilt and defeated. Meanwhile there are consistently strong destructive elements of wild and zero negro groups in the upper nine valley, and we find some solutions about the fear they convince all through Egypt when we read about the extraordinary public praise that followed the USERTESEN III victory (C . 2660-22)

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